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We have built five QEG's in the last two years. Currently there are over 100 QEG's being built by students in over 40 countries. This is a grassroots effort of DIY engineers who are working together to learn about this unique form of energy production discovered by Nikola Tesla. 

So if you are looking for the right place to start your build, start here at the QEG Academy, and learn from the team that has spent more time working with this technology that any other groups we know.  We hope your enjoy your journey through the amazing world of Nikola Tesla's work!


James Robitaille, Valerie Robitaille, and Hope Moore  
Fix the World Organization

Topics covered in ebook include:

* Explanation of power generation *
* Parts & Specs *
* Insulation Components *
* Suggested Tools & Equipment *
* Assembly *
* Mechanical & Electrical Setup *
* The Drive System *
* Exciter Coil *
* Safety Interactions *
* Experiments *​
* Radiant Energy *
* Schematics & Drawings *
* Global Co-Development *

QEG Free Energy Generator Plans (video & link)

Please consider a suggested donation of $15 to the Robitaille

family who have sacrificed a great, including their home, to

bring this technology to people and communities worldwide. 

Your donations and support are not obligatory but are so greatly appreciated and keep the work going. We THANK YOU  from our hearts!

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Included with the purchase of the ebook is a bonus class video taught by James Robitaille and supporting documents. A full CAD package is also included. Click HERE for more information. 

Build your own generator with these plans from the designer of the Quantum Energy Generator

Author J. Robitaille

Twenty month's worth of hands on experience and research is compiled into this FREE 75-page, Anniversary Edition of the QEG Build Manual, revised March 25, 2015.  Fix The World and QEG Teams worldwide freely give this build manual to THE PEOPLE OF EARTH who have funded and supported this project in a myriad of ways and kept it going. WE ARE TAKING OUR POWER BACK!

More than 250,000 people have downloaded the plans for building a QEG, over 1000 forward-thinking people have invested time and money to see this technology become a reality, and over 100 people and groups are building QEGs, and working together through skype and other communication channels. This is modern new paradigm global co-development at its best!

QEG Free Energy Generator Bestselling Ebook